Try your Fortune with a Gem of an Online Casino


Try your Fortune with a Gem of an Online CasinoIf you have always been an eager gambling player and you are currently seeking great gaming adventures, then Ruby Fortune Casino is just the right fit for you. It is one of the most highly recommended gaming sites in the online sphere; and if you check for their track record, you will discover an amazing team that helps you achieve an amazing gaming experience.

The site uses Microgaming software that can be downloaded in just about 3 minutes. Even when you are waiting for the download, the site offers you the chance to register your profile while the software is installing, so that you won’t be wasting any time for registration, after the download and installation. As a result of the quality software it is using, the site offers high quality user experience throughout the entire range of games.

A special feature, which will be very useful for the new players, is the “Expert Mode.” It provides auto-play and auto-hold functions on most of the games, and it turns out to be very helpful to those who are not so sound regarding the gaming strategies yet.

Bonuses Galore

What’s most important for a player than the bonuses that the Ruby Fortune Casino offers? Well, when you are playing for the first time, you will be getting a New Player Bonus of £750 in free casino credits, without even depositing anything. The only condition is that you have to play a mini casino within 60 minutes.

Many bonuses are received based on the amount of points you are having. Once you register, you will be receiving 500 points and at every bet of $10, you will be getting an extra point. Every day, there are many games that offer you bonus points, and every day has a funny name such as Monday Madness, Tuesday Treasures, Winning Wednesdays (2x points on all new games), Thunderous Thursdays and the most important is the Weekend of Wealth. It offers 3x points on all Slots, Roulettes & Blackjack.

When you are making a deposit, you can be sure that it is quite easy to do so, and the site offers only secure transactions no matter what method one uses. The site accepts credit/debit cards, bank transfers, pre-paid vouchers; most of the payment methods are accepted and the transactions are completed within a few minutes, without any extra payments or fees.

Payment Methods

As fast as you can deposit your money, the same goes when you withdraw them. The site’s interface is easy to use, without the annoying questions and extremely fast. When you wish to withdraw the software first asks you if you want to use the same method as you used to deposit. If you say yes, then all the data is already saved in the program and all you have to do is press withdraw button.

If you say no, then you have to write the method and all the other details, but it will remain saved for the next time. The money will enter you account in 24 hours.

There is also the reverse withdrawal button that allows you to change your mind after you pressed Withdraw, and in 24 hours the money will come back to your account.

Maybe in top 5 of a player requests it is situated the customer support. Situations will always appear, and a client will be satisfied if his problem is solved.

Online Help

There are different ways in which you can get help from a professional team. The first one is Live Chat Support where you fill in some details and then you enter the chat. The estimated time of response is 10 minutes. Using e-mail is the second method, and they respond to you questions in less than 24 hours. The last one is the Free Phone number that can sometimes leave you waiting, but not for long.

Overall, the Ruby Fortune Casino offers great bonuses, a variety of games, professional customer support and fast cash out.

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